PieceCounting Scale


Being made of a good-quality material, it can handle a lot of pressure and is highly resistant to bacteria and other microorganisms, which helps to keep your area clean and germ-free. Comes from a leading counter scale manufacturer in Delhi NCR, DWS, each piece counting scale has color-coded keypads with an easy numeric entry that offers you the best performance every time. And the best thing is the company’s quality personnel always bring you the best price computing scale options on the market.


The product is made of alloy aluminum. It is hermetically sealed with glue to IP65, surface anodized and anti-corrosion, integral structure and easy installation. The product is suit for electronic top scale, floor scale and other weighing equipment.


  • ACS Counting Scale
  • High precision load cell
  • Display: LED/LCD + backlight
  • Capacity: 3KG/0.1G, 6KG/0.2G, 15KG/0.5G, 30KG/1G, 40KG/1G
  • Battery: Lead-acid 6V/4Ah
  • Platter Size: 310x230mm
  • Input Voltage: AC110/220V 50/60HZ
  • Main Material: 430 Stainless Steel, New ABS Plastic Body