EconomyCrane Scale

Our crane scales have been designed with a range of capacities and features to meet the demands of crane operators. From the 100 lb compact, portable IE Series Scale to the 100,000 lb, rugged and industrial Caston III Plus Crane Scale, the CAS line of crane scales are versatile and ideal for heavy duty use in most industrial applications.


  • Capacity: 100 to 2000 lb
  • LCD or LED Display (1.1 inches/30mm)
  • Battery Operated
  • Low Battery and Overload Indicators
  • High Intensity Hook and Shackle
  • Heavy Duty Aluminum die cast case


  • Electronic hook scale performance characteristics:
  • Switch machine automatic power display
  • Good dynamic weighing performance, not due to heavy shaking and affect the results of weighing.
  • High integration, with high weighing reliability.
  • The internal resolution of 1000000 provides reliable high accuracy and high stability.
  • Automatic shutdown function, put an end to forget the shutdown caused by battery damage.
  • With wireless remote control, easy to operate.
  • Cumulative, automatic accumulation, peeled, long distance peeled, the value to maintain.
  • Overload, alarm display, the battery capacity of less than 50% when the alarm.
  • Shackle the surface of chrome plating, smooth rust.
  • Scale body with aluminum die-casting paint, beautiful and durable.
  • Temperature: 0 ℃ ~ 40 ℃ without frosting state.
  • Humidity: RH ≤ 95%.
  • Use power: 6V / 4AH rechargeable battery or external 220V AC power supply.